Hannah-Inspired Prayer Guide for Your Girl

She faced incredible hardship, but God gave her a double portion of blessing.

Others taunted her with cruel words, but she chose to believe God's Word instead.

The enemy whispered doubt, but she stood strong in her faith.

Wouldn't we all like to claim these statements as truth for our daughters? Our families? Our friends?


Since writing about Hannah in Over It. Conquering Comparison to Live Out God's Plan and also in an article for biblestudytools.com, 5 Things You Didn't Know About Hannah in the Bible, I've received several requests to share more resources about this wonderful woman in Scripture. 

You asked, and I listened. (Your emails brighten my day!)

Thank you to those of you who shared your needs with me, so I know what resources I can provide for you.

Since we've been focusing on the topic of battles this month at morethanyourself.com, I created a free resource just for subscribers.

The 10 Day Hannah-Inspired Prayer Guide for Your Girl.

This guide takes you through 10 days of God's promises we can claim for our daughters' lives. God answered these prayers in Hannah's life, and He will do the same for our girls.

Even if you don't have a daughter, this guide can easily be adapted for our sons, spouses, friends, and even ourselves. Hannah's story applies to all of us.

Simply click on the title link or image above to subscribe and download your copy. It can be saved on your device or printed out to keep in your Bible. I pray it will inspire you to claim the victory given to us for our kids through Jesus Christ.

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Deciding to Forgive

It’s one of the hardest decisions of all. The one that brings the deepest healing.


That’s why the enemy hates it so much.


The decision to forgive.


We don’t always like to talk about it. It makes us uncomfortable, because it’s super easy for me to sit on this side of the computer screen and tell you to forgive that person.

You know the one.

I haven’t been in your situation. I don’t know what you’re feeling. But if we can all remember that we each have a story - a time in our life where someone caused unimaginable pain - then maybe we can come together and encourage one another through this whole forgiveness thing.


Are you willing?


It’s a big decision. And once we choose, we need to stick to it for real progress to happen. Unforgiveness keeps a closed door to our hearts. But if we are willing, we will see miracles in our lives, and in the lives of others too.


When we decide to forgive, we open a door, allowing Jesus to whisper peace to our hearts. (Click to tweet.)


I’ve written a Scripture prayer for forgiving someone who hurt you. A Scripture prayer walks through a specific passage in God’s Word and helps us apply those words to our circumstances. It’s like speaking God’s Word into our lives.


Let’s take a powerful step today. Let’s read this prayer together. Can you imagine what God will do when He hears all our prayers to forgive?


Click here to read the prayer to forgive.