Choosing Trust Over Control

This month as we've learned about the hope in God's Word for those of us who want to be in control, we've also uncovered some things that cause our desire to control. Things like:



wanting to feel needed.

wanting to feel valued.

Looking at verses that confirm God's sovereignty in our lives helps us identify those triggers and release control before it takes over and affects our everyday lives.

But what happens if we don't release control? 

Holding on when we need to let go can cause things like frustration, resentment, and burn-out. Most importantly, we risk missing out on all God has planned for us. Because if I refuse to let go, I choose my own efforts over trusting God. But when I release, I am drawn to a deeper level of trust and a closer relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Releasing control draws us into a deeper place of trust. (Tweet this.)


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