Feeding My Spirit Good Things

To celebrate this mid-summer month, I'd like to take a detour from our usual weekly devotions and give you a peek into what I'm feeding my spirit these days.

Feeding our spirits the right things is important to our well-being. With all the distractions available to us, it's easy to refuel on a new TV series, my phone, or social media. Those are all good things, too. I've been known to curl up on the couch to watch Food Network or scroll through my Facebook feed, but too much of these good things can leave me feeling depleted. 

When my spirit needs a lift, I love opening a book filled with encouragement from God's Word. It fills me up to overflowing and replenishes my parched soul. So I'd like to give you a peek at what's sitting on my table right now. If you're looking for an inspirational summer read, one of these might be just right.


Suzie Eller's A Spirit-Led Heart shows us how the Holy Spirit came to empower the apostles of the early church, and encourages us to grab hold of His power that is still available to us today. This is my current read, and I cried last night as I finished chapter 4, "We Will Never Wander." (Notice all the post-in notes!)

Ever pick up a book and know instantly that it was exactly what you needed in that very moment? That's how I feel right now reading A Spirit-Led Heart. If you're looking to draw nearer to God through His precious Spirit, then this book is a must-read for you.





I actually finished reading Anchored In by my friend Micah Maddox a few months ago, but I keep it handy because it's my go-to for power-packed Scripture and quotes.

Lately I've been hit with some powerful waves that threatened to knock me off my feet. When the tears start flowing and I can't think straight, I know I can grab my copy of Anchored In and turn to chapter 3, Power in the Dark, where I find verse after verse to read aloud as I am reminded that God is present with me, even in the dark. If you're facing difficult circumstances, Micah's book will challenge you to hold tightly to our Anchor.




This beautiful journal stacked neatly with the others is a breath of fresh air for a mind like mine that can get overwhelmed with too many things at once! How many times have you gotten a prayer request from a friend for a certain date, like a surgery or other major event, only to forget when the time came to pray?

Prayers of My Heart by Debbie Taylor-Williams offers a solution to the dilemma many of us face. It is a prayer-organizing notebook where I can record prayer requests to keep my prayer life focused. I can finally be sure not to forget those important prayers for my friends by keeping them all written down in this beautiful prayer journal.


Have a special book you'd like to recommend to me? I'd love to hear your suggestions. Later this month I'll be sharing two power-packed books I'll be taking with me on vacation! Until then, drop your ideas in the comments below. Happy half-way through summer!