Hope for Scattered Seasons

The grands came for an October visit just a few weeks ago. To celebrate the firsts of fall, Ryan and I took a walk to collect pine cones. We looked right past the scrawny ones. Only the roundest, fullest pine cones would do for our collection. Pine cones go through seasons, just like we do.

There are times in life when we feel just like a strong, fruitful pine cone.

Filled up and overflowing with joy.

Grand and bursting with seeds.

Ready to serve, love, and give.

Eager to bless others.

And then there are those times we feel more like that puny pine cone Ryan and I were all too willing to pass over. The one whose seeds have already been scattered. The one who’s shriveled up and content to just lay there on the ground and rest.

Whichever pine cone you identify with today could depend on what season you are in. God gives us seasons when we are filled to capacity, and our heart’s desire is to share His love with anyone who will listen. We will also endure times when the seeds have been given out, and we’re left feeling empty and depleted.

So if we feel better when we’re full, why can’t we stay that way all the time? Because God created our seeds to be scattered.

“They sowed fields and planted vineyards that yielded a fruitful harvest” (Psalms 103:37 NIV).

You see, if we stayed in our seasons of abundance forever, no one else would receive what we have to give. Without spreading the seeds out, there would be no growth.

When we share God’s love with others, we are giving them part of us. If we hold on to our seeds, we deprive others the amazing grace we’ve been given. We stop the cycle God intended when He created us in His likeness.

And God has much more planned that just one pine cone. He sees the forest that will be.


Maybe you are filled to capacity and ready to give, or maybe you’ve sown your seeds until you’re ready for rest. Whatever season you are in right now, remember the future forest God has predestined. Accept this season and look forward to the ones to come. The results are beyond our wildest dreams, and they’re all part of God’s great plan.