Knowing Which Direction to Go

If you are joining me for the first time, welcome! We are chatting this month about making decisions and diving into what God's Word says about it, too.

Sometimes when we're in the midst of a life-changing decision, we feel alone. Like no one else understands. The enemy would like for us to think we are alone, but the truth is that other women have been in that place. And when we connect, we can encourage each other through our shared moments.

Last week we read words of wisdom from Abby about a cross-country move. Her lesson brought fresh hope for those of us right smack in the middle of a decision that will affect us and our families.

This week I am excited to share a devotion by my dear friend Tiffany Parry. Tiffany tackles this tough reality. Our circumstances can push us into making rash, emotion-induced decisions. But Tiffany takes us to a passage of Scripture that points to the solution when we're tempted to let those circumstances dictate our direction.

In her post, Tiffany says this.


Click here to read the rest of Tiffany's devo, When You Need Direction.





Tiffany is marveled by the endless grace and relentless love of her Savior in this life that can be so messy, too busy, and entirely imperfect. Her heart is to share God’s precious promises of grace and love with others and invite them into honest and authentic conversations about faith and life. Tiffany welcomes you to join the journey at her blog, Simply for One, or on Facebook and Instagram.


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