Looking for peace?

Chasing fireflies was one of my favorite things to do as a child. Only we didn’t call them fireflies. We called them lightening bugs.

In warm summer evenings, my sister and I would see the sporadic flickers and run to the backyard, ready for the chase.

Those crazy lightening bugs were elusive. Every once in a while I’d catch one, but mostly I just chased them around.

Peace is like that sometimes.

I know what it is. I even know verses about it. But for some reason, I can’t seem to find it. I’m always looking, hoping it will just pop up in front of me where I can grasp it with cupped hands.


Sometimes I can get a hold of peace for a moment or two, but not often. I continue seeking. In the meantime, worry and stress make their home in my heart.

I’m sorry to say I’ve continued in this pattern, my never-ending quest for peace. Until recently when I read a verse I’ve poured over many times before.

This time, God spoke a sobering truth to my spirit. I realized peace is not something to look for. It’s not something to find, or to attain.

We already have it.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.” John 14:27a

When Jesus was about to leave this earth, he prepared his disciples. The words he shared with them weren’t just for the twelve, but for all believers. He left an incredible gift to us as well.

Jesus gave us His peace.

The same peace Jesus had when he found out his friend Lazarus died.

The same peace Jesus had when the religious leaders accused him and tried to trap him.

The same peace Jesus had when the very people he set free yelled, “Crucify him!”

The same peace Jesus had when he hung on the cross.

 I have that peace with me right now, guarding my heart, my mind, my spirit. And if that peace could bring calm to the treacherous situations Jesus faced, imagine what it can do in my life today.

The same peace that carried Jesus through the cross will carry us today. (Tweet this.)

 Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines peace as “a state of tranquility or quiet.” But what does it mean to be tranquil?

To be tranquil means “to be free from agitation of mind or spirit, free from disturbance or turmoil.”

I’d love to be free from turmoil, wouldn’t you?

Maybe you feel a little like me. Maybe you’ve chased peace around like that elusive firefly. Know this truth, my friend. We can stop chasing. We only need to acknowledge the gift that’s already with us, the gift that will set us free from agitation and turmoil.

Let’s take a deep breath, and rest in His peace.