Love Grabs Hold

The Go-Go’s latest hit blared in the background. Shimmering lights from the disco ball studded the floor with star-like shapes. This was our Friday night ritual. My best friend and I arrived early, as usual, ready to try out our new skates. Did I mention the cool pink pom-poms with bells tied to the tops?

Five dollar allowance in hand would get us in the door, plus a few games of Galaga or Centipede. And maybe a cola. The best part of the night though was our dare-devil trick.

We started at opposite ends of the rink, and when one of us gave the signal, we raced toward the center circle as fast as our scrawny legs could go. Then as we reached the middle, our crisscrossed arms grabbed hold and began spinning round and round. Fast. If one of us had decided to let go, we would have fallen backward to our doom. We held on with all the strength we could muster.

God’s love for us is a lot like that firm grip.

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