Summer Reading Ideas to Challenge, Equip, and Change Your Life

Those of you who’ve followed More Than Yourself, Inc. ministry for a while know our heart for seeing the next generation of young women fully embrace their God-given identity and find their worth in their Creator.

My time as a junior high English teacher gave me the opportunity to encourage teen girls in their daily lives and speak LIFE over them. Yet so many days, I felt the weight of the pressures and pain they face in today’s world. It’s so different from how I remember life as a teen. SO very different.

And I’ve often wondered if encouraging them is enough. Or can I do more?

I recently read an outstanding book on the subject of equipping the next generation with the tools needed to stand unwavering in their faith. So the Next Generation Will Know, by Sean McDowell and J. Warner Wallace, focuses on the youngest generation today, known as Gen Z (kids born between 2000-2015.) This intelligent, thoughtful, and passionate group of young people are leaving the Christian faith at alarming rates. But the good news is this:

“Young people who leave Christianity aren’t necessarily leaving God.” - pg. 36 So the Next Generation Will Know

As the parent of a Gen Z-er, I for one have fallen into discouragement over the dangers they face, and the fact that many kids are looking for alternate explanations to the questions they have about the world, religion, and eternal life. I want them to know the loving, merciful Savior who gave his life so that we could be forgiven for all our wrongs. But how? How do I battle the thousands of voices they’re exposed to every day on the internet?

So the Next Generation Will Know not only enlightens readers with findings about the unique characteristics of Gen Z, but also equips us with practical, doable steps to help them find what they seek, “a reasonable worldview that makes sense of reality.” - pg. 36

McDowell and Wallace explain that in addition to the reasonable explanations young people seek, they also want authentic relationships. Putting these two together is the first step toward preparing them with the foundational faith they need for the challenges of life.

The book offers teaching tips for Christian educators, ideas for youth pastors, conversation starters for parents, and Scriptural support for the ideas shared. If you are a parent, teacher, leader, or just have a heart for seeing the next generation fulfill their God-given potential to change the world, then this book is for you.

Find out more at this link:

So the Next Generation Will Know, Preparing Young Christians for a Challenging World

Watch for more summer reading ideas to challenge, equip, and change your life in the coming weeks.



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