Praying for Children Who Need Healing

For the past month, God has been whispering deep into my heart about stepping back and letting Him go before me. 

I've watched in awe, waiting to see what miracles He will perform next in the lives of those I encounter everyday. 

But I've also had to pray - often. You see, it's hard when you are wanting so much to share a book about growing closer to God and learning more about Him, but you feel like you are screaming, "Look at my book!"

Every Christian author's dilemma is balancing how to tell others about her book without drawing the attention to herself. So today, I'm going in a different direction.

The book officially releases next Tuesday, but something sits as a heavy weight on my heart. In spending more time than usual on social media to share about the Over It book, I've seen several parents asking for prayer for their children in the hospital. Yes, you read that right. Several.

From infants, to school-age kids, to young adults. They need prayer. They need healing. So I'd like to ask you if you would agree to pray for these. God knows the names and the situations. Would you just commit to pray for children in the hospital today? And for their parents?

Photo courtesy of Garrett Brown

Photo courtesy of Garrett Brown

Only those who've been there know the agony they're going through. I've been in that uncertain place, and maybe you have too. Even believers struggle to hold onto faith when we see our child lying in a hospital bed.

I want to stand in the gap for them today. I want to pray on their behalf, because they may not have the strength.We can talk about the book and other things later. Will you join me?

Dear Merciful Father,
Thank you for being a miracle-working God. Thank you for your many blessings in my life. Lord, I ask today that you would wrap your loving arms around the children who are physically sick and hurting today. I pray above all for healing, and that you would strengthen their little bodies. I ask also that you would bring comfort to the parents and families as only You can. Will you give them wisdom during those times when medical decisions must be made? Those are the hardest of all. And finally Lord, will you give them peace in knowing you are there with them, even when they feel tired and worn out? I give you all glory and honor today for being above all things and in all situations. Thank you, Lord.