How to Use Over It as a Bible Study

I tried to think of a fancy way to say this, but sometimes it's better to get right to the point. 

So forget the drum roll, the teasers, and all the fanfare. I'd like to give you a gift - a gift that's been in the works since the Over It book released.

If you've been with me since then, you already know my heart is to see the Over It book being used as a Bible study. Because it's not just about spiritual growth. That's definitely a perk, but it's really about God and His awesome Word.

I just LOVE learning new things from His Word and sharing them with you here. 

So I wanted to create something to make it easier for you to read Over It as a Bible study - either by yourself or with a group.


And here it is! The Over It book Bible Study/Leader's Guide.


I'm so excited to share this with anyone who would like to have it, that I'm offering it free to subscribers. And just because it's the new year and I'm feeling super festive...




I am adding a set of downloadable journal pages as a BONUS. 

If you already subscribe to our website, you received an email with the downloads. (Can’t find it? Check out the details here to get a copy.)

If you haven't subscribed and you'd like these free gifts, simply click here. Enter your email and I'll send them right to you.

And if you haven't picked up a copy of Over It yet, you can find links to do that on the book page here. Is your Bible study group reading Over It this year? Snap some photos and send them to me or tag our page on Facebook! I'd love to share them with our readers.