How to Resist Morning Worry and Wake Up Trusting God

I woke up this morning thinking about the same problem I gave to God yesterday.

And the crazy thing is, it happened before I was even aware of it. You know those few moments between waking up and being fully awake? Yeah, that’s when it happens, while my defenses are down.

Before I even open my eyes, worrisome thoughts start brewing like the automatic coffee pot in the kitchen. Except that the coffee pot is brewing something good. My thoughts? Not so much. And since I haven’t had that coffee yet, I try to fight off the worry with a half-alert brain.

Bits and pieces of verses come to mind, but then I get aggravated with myself for not remembering God’s Word. I know there are hundreds of verses to help calm my anxious mind, but I’m not able to focus.

I try to pray but can’t organize a coherent sentence. Frustration takes over. Then self-condemnation. Then defeat.

Before I’m even aware of it, I’m in a downward spiral. I have my tablet and devotional on the bedside table, ready to give God the first few minutes of my day. But instead of sitting up to turn on the light, I feel darkness settle into my heart.

A New Way to Wake Up

It’s amazing how a few minutes spent reading God’s Word will alter a negative attitude. Whether we struggle with worry, doubt, or frustration, God has the encouragement we need to turn those thoughts around.

So what can we do when problems try to invade our thoughts before we even open our eyes in the morning? Is there a way to retrain our minds to wake up trusting God’s promises instead of rehashing our problems?

2 Corinthians 10:5 says we can “take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” That’s great news for those problems that come back in the early morning hours, before coherence kicks in. What we need is a short but powerful Truth to easily recall when morning worry happens.

A Short and Simple Verse to Jump Start the Day

Can I be gut-honest with you today? I’m tired of letting problems take the first moments of my day. I’m absolutely done giving God my concerns over and over, only to grab them back again. God doesn’t want that for us. He longs for us to walk in His promises every day of our lives. But we need to put in a little work to get there.

Are we willing?

Here’s a good place to start, a short and simple verse to jump start our day. With it, we can begin to resist morning worry and wake up trusting God.

“For we live by believing and not by seeing.” 2 Corinthians 5:7 NLT

Paul encouraged the church at Corinth with these few words of faith. Although we will have problems in this life, we trust in the One who makes all things new. We may not be able to see Him now, but we know His mercies are “new every morning.” He is faithful to accept our deepest hurts and replace them with His perfect peace.

So if we can commit these words to memory and believe in their truth, we can also trust God is there with us in those wee hours, ready to restore our peace once again.

God will gladly trade our worry for peace, our doubt for confidence, and our frustration for His grace. (Tweet this.)

Tomorrow morning, anxious thoughts may come again. They may try and convince me to revisit the problems already covered by God’s promises. But tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow, I’ll be ready. I will live by believing.



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One Thing That Can Replace Frustration with Peace

Yesterday our college-bound kid received an email.

Not just any email, though. This was an email we needed a few weeks ago, to make an important decision before an upcoming deadline. A response to three phone calls and one email request for information.

Did I mention we needed it before the deadline??

Needless to say, frustration hit instantly. Reading that innocent first line, “Did you have a question I can help you with?” sent me reeling. I wanted my words to express my irritation. I wanted the recipient to feel my frustration right through the screen.

So I waited to respond, because I knew I would regret it later. And once those words are out there, I can’t take them back.

It felt pretty good making it through that moment, but later that day the same frustration came bouncing back.

On my way home from a grocery run, my husband called. I took that as my opportunity to get it all out. Go for that temporary fix we talked about in week one. 

“You will never guess what happened today!” started the conversation, then I let the whole frustrated scene play out while he gently listened. His response brought a much-needed heart check. 

“We aren’t going to let that steal our joy today.”

My husband’s comment was just what I needed to hear. It also reminded me of an important truth. Frustration doesn’t end with a one-time easy fix. When we allow those little annoyances to fester, frustration finds a temporary home in our hearts. That’s why even the smallest thing can trigger it again. So what’s the solution? Is it possible to keep frustration away all the time?

First we need to make sure we aren’t giving it more power than it deserves. Frustration is just a feeling, but God’s presence is greater. Remember our statement from week one?

The way to take control away from frustration is to pay more attention to God’s presence than my feelings.


But the reality is that life has stuff, and that stuff can frustrate us. So secondly, we need a plan in place to recognize when it begins and block it from coming back again and again.

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3 ESV

Keeping my mind stayed on God will help me replace frustration with peace. (Tweet this.)


If you’re battling frustration like me, know that God understands our frustrations and wants us to bring those to Him. God created us. He doesn’t want us to get frustrated with ourselves or feel defeated. As we learn to keep our minds on Him and turn each frustrated moment back to His beauty and grace, we will feel more of His peace. Then with that peace, we will be better equipped to push frustration away the next time, and the next, and the next.





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