When Listening Leads to Obeying

The harsh words screamed from the inner-places of my being. Several weeks into the school year and this rowdy class had figured out just how to throw this usually calm teacher off-track.

Seventh grade is hard anyway, with all the hormones and emotions running on full-speed. But sometimes the dynamics of certain students together can add to the chaos. Any seasoned teacher knows how to try different techniques for optimal results, but on this particular day – I’d had it.

And out the words came before I had a chance to pull them back in.

I am honored to be sharing my story as part of Katie Reid's series, Listen Close, Listen Well. Click this link to hop over to Katie's blog and finish reading about what happens when listening leads to obeying.


What you will find in the Over It book

In what area of your life do you catch yourself giving in to the voice of comparison? This voice attempts to worm its way into every part of our world…



Social media.


And so much more.

Sometimes we get so used to hearing it that we become immune to its whispers. As a result, we don’t even realize how dangerous comparison can be.

Photo by Garrett Brown

Photo by Garrett Brown

We may think our natural human tendency is to compare ourselves to others. We may also think it’s something we should just learn to live with.

If you’ve ever thought this, I have good news to share with you today.

Did you know there are practical steps we can take to keep the negative effects of comparison away? There are, and each one is outlined in my upcoming book, Over It. Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan.

But rest assured, these steps didn’t come from me. I’ve definitely listened to that nagging voice in my own life, but I found the keys to overcoming it through the lives of some very special women in Scripture.

I just adore our sisters in the Bible, don’t you? We can learn so much from their lives…

From some of them we can learn obedience.

From others we can learn boldness.

Many of their stories teach us about faith.

But lessons about victory over comparison come from lives you wouldn’t expect – women who took their place in the background. Their stories show us how to conquer comparison to live out God’s plan. I can’t wait to introduce you to them in the pages of the book.

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