5 Best Posts for When Trials Come

The death of a loved one. A natural disaster. A diagnosis that interrupts life's flow. I've seen each of these difficult situations described on social media in the past weeks. Some from strangers, while others hit close to home.

Knowing others are suffering causes a stifling weight to press down on my heart. It's easy to feel helpless. Powerless.

But we are not without power. We just need to know where to look to find the right encouragement for when trials come.

Through personal trials of my own in recent weeks, I've had to call on others for support. And with their help and encouragement, I've been able to see God's sovereignty and feel His presence.

I've compiled a few articles that uplifted my spirits during difficult trials. I pray they will offer a source of comfort and peace for you today.

Gratitude for All the Things That Never Happened - Lisa Appelo

When You Need More Faith and Joy - Betsy DeCruz

Dear Trials and Troubles, Let God in the Driver's Seat Now - Kristi Woods

When You Feel Like You've Lost Your Anchor - Abby McDonald

When You Wonder if God Hears You - Tiffany Parry

May God breathe calm and reassurance into your life today through the God-inspired words in these posts.