When Comparison Causes You to Doubt Your Calling

It was a beautiful Sunday morning service. Our church didn’t look like most traditional churches. You wouldn’t find any stained glass windows, or even carpet for that matter, but God’s presence was there – no doubt about it. God had made it clear to me and my sweet husband two years before that He wanted us to pastor this little congregation. And services like we had this particular Sunday confirmed it in our hearts.

I left church that day feeling victorious - firmly set on the path God planned just for me.

Then I went home, settled in to relax, and began scrolling through my newsfeed. That’s when the comparison monster appeared once again.

Oh yes, I’d heard him before. But this time he caused me to doubt my purpose. You see, another church plant began establishing a place in our little community. Ours had been in existence for a couple of years now, but this church had just started within the past few months. According to the posts on social media, they were doing quite well...

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