In Over It. Conquering Comparison to Live Out God’s Plan, Kristine Brown takes us on a quest to learn the truth about comparison, and what we can do to quiet that pesky voice once and for all. Through this book, Kristine unearths the stories of three women in Scripture who fell into the comparison trap but learned the key to finding freedom from comparing. Walking through their stories, readers will:

  • Discover deep truths about the struggle with comparison.

  • Find contentment in their God-given uniqueness.

  • Take easy-to-follow steps toward claiming victory over comparison.

  • Realize God’s plan is more than we could ever imagine.

  • Learn how to say, “I’m over it,” and mean it.

Through relatable personal stories and practical biblical teaching, this book uncovers the solution to a battle all women face. Has the voice of comparison caused you to question whether you measure up next to her? Are you ready to erase comparison and embrace all God has planned for you? Then come along on the quest, friend. This book is for you.

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“We find the secret to conquering comparison through looking at stories of women in Scripture.” @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook

Compare much? Let’s learn how to say “I’m over it” and mean it. @kristinebrown43

"Relying on God’s promise is my first step in conquering comparison." @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook http://bit.ly/OverItBook

"Taking our focus away from God and placing it on other women diverts our course. @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook http://bit.ly/OverItBook

She almost fell into the trap of trying to earn greatness rather than trusting God’s plan. @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook

Overpowering comparison is a daily discipline. @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook http://bit.ly/OverItBook

“God’s opinion of me is the only one that matters & that’s more than enough.” @kristinebrown43 #OverItBook http://bit.ly/OverItBook


Kristine has - as my grandmother use to say - "Hit the nail on the head" concerning comparing ourselves to each other. She has made it a journey - she has made it fun, and she has made it encouraging. All of these things are needed to walk down a daily path of change. It's a needed change for each one of us. You see, in life, it's easy for us to miss our own uniqueness, when we want to look in the mirror and see someone else. We miss our own God creation staring right back at us. We do not want to miss our own path that God has created just for us to walk.It's way too exciting to miss a moment.
- Lynn McKenzie, Road 2 Glory Ministries & LM Barrel Racing

Kristine has reached into the secret place of God and found some unique insights on comparisons. Her gripping way with words will have you spellbound from the beginning and intrigued as to who she will pick next as her ideal character.  You will find fragments of yourself in each one.  Hopefully you will do as I did and ask the Lord to help you change the character flaws that you’ve created and accept the “you” He created and loves.  Kristine has captured the true meaning of being an Original and not a Copy.  This will be a book you will want to share with a friend. - Pam Stockdale, Latin American Ministry

Comparing ourselves to others is an age-old problem. In Over It., Kristine Brown takes us on an eye-opening journey into the lives of three women in the Bible who struggled with their own feelings of inadequacy. As we get to know them through Kristine’s delightful and often humorous storytelling, including stories from her own life, we can learn to appreciate each step of our own journey as God leads us in His way and in His time. Each chapter is full of practical applications and Scripture to help us overcome our insecurities and embrace the unique person God made each of us to be.
– Sabra Penley, writer at simplyoneinmarriage.com


If you have struggled for the confidence to act when God calls, then  Over It. Conquering   Comparison  to  Live  Out  God’s  Plan is a must read for you.  Kristine Brown uses the lives of three women in the Bible to point out examples of what happens when we allow barriers resulting from self doubt, that are created by our own comparisons, to guide our thoughts and actions. Not only does Kristine give real life examples of how this problem affects us in all aspects of our lives, but she gives specific, biblically referenced steps to overcome the struggle. - Vicki Thrasher, life-long educator, retired school administrator, mentor to women and teens


Kristine does a brilliant job of taking us from less-than to more than enough! If you've ever struggled with comparison (who hasn't?), this book is for you. Over It doesn't just put a band-aid on the comparison problem. Kristine Brown does a great job of taking us through actionable steps as well as truth from scripture to help us learn to overcome that nagging voice of comparison. Through the engaging study of Hagar and other women in the Bible, the chapter reflection questions and the faith statements, Over It takes us on our own individual quest to conquer comparison. I found this book super helpful and applicable! - Lisa Appelo, True and Faithful blog

Kristine Brown is a writer, dramatist, life-long educator and mentor. She is the founder of the More Than Yourself, Inc. college
scholarship program for junior high girls. Kristine and her family live in Texas

Proceeds from the sale of each book will benefit the More Than Yourself, Inc. scholarship program.
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